Emergency Response Specialist – #20170052

Island Energy Services is seeking an Emergency Response Specialist.  This position ensures IES has updated plans in alignment with regulatory requirements, and develops and maintains required resources and competencies within the company to effectively respond to emergency events, including oil spills, major releases (toxic chemicals & hydrocarbons), and natural disasters.

  • Manage contracts to support companywide crisis management program.
  • Perform audits and other verification activities to ensure regulatory compliance, and adequacy of plans and programs.
  • Develop and manage plans to address gaps and improve performance.


Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree any 4-year technical degrees will be considered
  • Minimum of one (1) year of experience in a refinery or process plant. Working knowledge of the applicable regulations and their application to petroleum or chemical plant operations preferred
  • Experience in developing reports in Microsoft Word and presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Self-motivated to initiate and complete tasks. Ability to step up and assume ownership and accountability for area of responsibility. Proactively champion issues and see them through to completion even where they require action by others
  • Good written and oral communication skills. Strong ability to work well with other groups in cross-functional teams. Able to communicate technical ideas to a wide range of groups within the company
  • Willing to assume additional responsibilities or assist others as priorities change in response to facility emergencies or business direction
  • This is a safety sensitive position. Strong focus on Safety, Workplace Safety, Workplace Safety Management, Process Safety Management.
  • Currently hold or have ability to obtain Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Clearance.
  • This position is considered safety sensitive. 

Preferred Qualification: 

  • Preferred prior assignment in a similar and/or related emergency response (specifically, oil or chemical manufacturing, or similar regulatory compliance program)


Oil Spill Response Coordinator

Responsible to maintain, update and continually improve oil spill response plans, resources, and competencies to ensure regulatory compliance, and effective response capabilities.

  • Maintain and update facility response plans, and ensure plans align with other facility specific facility emergency plans.
  • Establish training requirements and resources for spill response organization (including I.C.S.). Work with facility management to ensure response organization has adequate resources and competencies to effectively respond to actual events.
  • Perform training and coordinate drills and/or table-top exercises to meet compliance requirements, and verify spill response competencies (including I.C.S.) are adequate at all locations.
  • Ensure the company & contact resources and competencies are integrated company-wide for effective response to large events.
  • Ensure that testing, inspection & maintenance of spill response equipment occurs at all locations
  • Sustain the knowledge and capability to fulfil the role of Planning Section Chief in an actual large spill event.

Disaster & Crisis Response Coordination

Responsible to ensure natural disaster, other crisis (e.g. intrusion/security threat, major release with community impact) preparedness and recovery plans are up-to-date, adequate and integrated across the company.

  • Ensure plans and resources are in place at all facilities to prepare for each type of natural disaster or crisis which may impact the facility.
  • Ensure facility plans align with State and County emergency / crisis plans.
  • Ensure all seasonal, or annual, preparation activities are completed across the company
  • Perform training and coordinate exercises to test the effectiveness of plans. Work cooperatively with facilities to develop plans to address gaps and/or improve performance
  • Company representative to State Emergency Management Agency, and other County emergency management agencies, before and during State wide or County events.
  • Facilitate natural disaster and/or crisis management teams during actual events.

Facility Security Role

  • Act as Facility Security Officer (rotational with other staff)
  • Assist with preparation and management of Facility Security Plans, Facility Security Assessments


TBD based upon experience and qualifications.

Relocation is available.

IES is an equal opportunity employer. Position open to US residents and resident aliens with a valid green card only.
Post Date: Sep 09, 2017
Job Status: active

Kapolei, HI

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